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Harley Davidson Decorating Ideas

Harley Davidson Decorating Ideas

A Harley Davidson decorating theme can turn any room into a memorabilia showcase. Here are some tips for decorating with Harley Davidson accessories, and bringing some of the carefree feelings of a day on the bike into your home or garage.

  1. Harley Davidson Painting

    • Whenever you decorate, your paint job makes the most impact. The dominant colors for a Harley Davidson room should be orange, black and white. Use painter's tape to mark off sections of the wall for striping.

    Harley Davidson Mural

    • If you have a projector, try painting a mural by projecting the Harley Davidson logo or other related emblem onto the wall. Trace it with a pencil and then paint it with latex wall paint.

    Harley Davidsom Memorabilia

    • You can collect memorabilia and display it in your room. Chrome garage shelving can be used to make a tough-looking display case. Hats and T-shirts can be encased to make them look special. Try framing calendars and other items for a classy look.

    Harley Davidson Home Decor

    • Harley Davidson has licensed its logo for appearance on towels, rugs, blankets, lamps, fabric for curtains and slipcovers ... even baby bedding. You can even get an adhesive kit to deck out your KitchenAid mixer with Harley Davidson flames and logo.

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